Application Process

Kennesaw State University students who meet the eligibility requirements may apply for the scholarship.  Approved students will receive monetary assistance for an education abroad scholarship based on duration of the program.  The award must be applied to educational costs incurred through an education abroad program.  Applicants must have applied and been accepted into an education abroad program and paid the education abroad program deposit, if applicable.  If the student is unable to participate in or complete the program for any reason, all funds awarded must be returned to Kennesaw State University.  Awards are given on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are expended for that scholarship application cycle.  Application does not guarantee an award and late applications will not be considered for financial support.  Once reviewed, students will be notified of their approval status.

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*See “Eligibility Requirements” section.

Scholarship Application Cycles and Service Completion Dates by Term 

Academic Term Scholarship Application Opening Date Scholarship Application Closing Date Service Must Be Completed Between
Fall Programs  May 1   June 30  Mar 1 -  June 30
Spring (begins after December graduation)

  October 1       

 November 30

   Aug 1 -  Nov 30    

Maymester, Early and Late Summer  January 15  March 15  Nov 15 - March 15