Eligibility Requirements

Global Learning Scholarship recipients must complete the online application within the stated timelines and be:

  • a KSU degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student at the time of the KSU approved education abroad program.  If a student is pre-approved to receive a scholarship, but then graduates before the term of their study abroad trip, they are not eligible to receive the scholarship.
  • enrolled in a credit education abroad course(s) 
  • all programs must be pre-approved by the Education Abroad Office
  • be enrolled in at least one credit-hour during that term
  • a student may only receive one scholarship per academic year and once a student selects the scholarship term, the term cannot be switched within the same academic year

As of 1/19/18, students exempt from paying the Global Learning Fee are eligible for the scholarship, however the award amount for exempt students is $100 less than the amount awarded to students who pay the fee. This includes 100% e-learners, students 62 of age and over, and off-campus sites, such as Paulding or Cobb Galleria.


1.  SAP Requirements - Federal regulations, HEA Sec. 484(c), §668.16, 668.34, require all schools  participating in Title IV federal financial aid programs to have a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy requiring students to meet the SAP requirements for the term in which they receive the scholarship or the scholarship will not be disbursed. (SAP Requirements).

2.  Service Requirement - All students must complete at least five hours of service.  Students will report their service when they apply for the Global Learning Scholarship Application.  The Service Requirement can be met by one of two ways:

  1. If a student enrolls in a program with an approved built-in international community service project during their trip abroad, the student will not be required to do any additional service prior to receiving the scholarship.
  2. If a student is not enrolled in an education abroad program with built-in service, the student must complete a five-hour local service project for the requested term within the required time frame of each term. You may choose any service project you like, but if you need assistance with volunteer placement, Volunteer KSU provides a list of service opportunities at: http://vksu.kennesaw.edu/

                Service must be completed between these dates:

                      Fall Programs - March 1 thru June 30

                      Spring Programs - August 1 thru November 30  

                      All Summer Programs - November 15 thru March 15    

Additionally, if a student is studying abroad on a KSU Exchange, non-KSU program, ISEP or Direct Program the student will need to see their Education Abroad Coordinator for additional paperwork before the Global Learning Fee Scholarship can be posted to the student's account.  The forms include the Course Credit Approval Request Form, Financial Aid Consortium Agreement, and Host Enrollment Education Abroad Verification Form.


           Failure to complete and properly submitting the required Financial Aid Forms will result in the cancellation of the Global Learning Scholarship!!!