Kennesaw State University recognizes that a global education is essential to student success in today’s complex and interdependent world.  In 2007, the KSU student body recommended and approved a Global Learning Fee (GLF) to be instituted for the purpose of providing education abroad scholarships.   As a result, students pay a $11 per term international fee that feeds into the Global Learning Scholarship Fund.  Currently, eligible students may recieve a $1,000 scholarship each academic year.

KSU degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing are eligible for Global Learning Scholarships.  Awards will made until the funds are depleted for the year.

The scholarships can be used for these credit education abroad experiences:

  • short-term programs
  • internships and exchanges
  • international research
  • credit programs

The Division of Student Affairs administers the fee and the Global Learning Fee Committee (GLFC) acts as an advisory committee to the Vice President of Student Affairs on policy and budgetary matters.  The GLFC consists mostly of students joined by faculty and staff. 

What Students Say

“Without the Global Learning Scholarship, I would not have been able to go. Being able to go to Italy was such a life-changing adventure.” – Stephanie 

“The Global Learning Scholarship enabled me to study abroad by helping ease the financial strain. It was such a blessing and it showed how supportive that KSU is toward students who take that extra step and go that extra mile.” – Scarlett

“I am not sure if I would have been able to afford the trip without the help of the scholarship. I hope that KSU continues to provide this amazing opportunity that helps students achieve their traveling dreams.” – Anonymous 

“I had always wanted to travel abroad, but the cost was a big part that held me back. Having the Global Learning Scholarship cut the cost of my trip almost in half, which allowed me to go. I’m so glad Kennesaw has such great opportunities for students like me.:)” - Kristen