Global Learning Fee Committee

The Global Learning Fee Committee (GLFC) reviews and recommends policy and acts as an advisory board to the Vice President of Student Affairs.  By policy, at least 50% of the committee members are students and and the balance consists of faculty and staff.   Students are appointed by the Student Government Association.

 FY 2020 GLFC Membership List

Student representatives - voting members

Bisma Hussain

Iman Moghaddas

Justice Brakehe

Jabou Njie

Sam Baker

Laura Wagner

Kyle Mostellar

Ex-Officio Voting Members

Doug Moodie

Nyasha GuramatunhuCopper

Brandon Jackson

Sarah Baumhoff

Cassie Dankes

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members

Gloria Laureano

Dan Paracka

Tara McDuffie

Sheb True